Volunteer Medical Coverage

Volunteers are a vital part of every community. From helping to install the playground equipment at the school, to picking up trash throughout the City, volunteers have an enormous impact throughout Alaska.

APEI values the work of volunteers who participate throughout the community and the Liability policy provides volunteer coverage to APEI members at no cost. This volunteer coverage helps cover medical payments for volunteers who are injured while participating in a volunteer project through the organization.  To make it clear when an individual is working as a volunteer, APEI recommends that our members identify volunteers with a signed document to make it clear that the individual is volunteering on behalf of the entity and the type of volunteer work they will be doing. This will prevent coverage disputes if there is an accident.

The coverage offers a maximum benefit of up to $50,000 per accident. There is no deductible, but the policy is secondary to any other insurance the individual may have. So, if the volunteer has personal health insurance, their health policy will pay first, and this policy will pay for any copays and coinsurance. This allows the volunteer to have no out of pocket expenses. Even though volunteers have this medical coverage available to them, APEI recommends that you remind them to be safe, whether that includes a quick training on safe lifting practices or encouraging them to wear high visibility clothing while they are picking up the trash on the streets.

Contact your broker or Kyle Hardin at APEI for more information on the volunteer coverage policy.