Take Advantage of the State’s Procurement Contracts

Did you know that as a school district or municipality you are a political subdivision of the state and can take advantage of a variety of contracts the State of Alaska has negotiated? AS 36.30.700 allows the State of Alaska to make a number of procurement contracts available to political subdivisions and local public procurement units. Qualified public entities include cities, boroughs, and school districts. You can find a list of these purchase contracts on the State of Alaska Division of General services website at: http://doa.alaska.gov/dgs/polisubs/index.html. While you may find a variety of these contracts valuable to you, APEI would like to call your attention to the in-state vehicle rental contract.

While renting a car in Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Juneau, the State has negotiated a contract with Budget Rent a Car. The contract has fixed rental prices for a variety of vehicle types, including rates as low as $28.00 per day for a Compact Sedan and $40.00 for a Mini Van. If the rates alone are not attractive enough, this contract also affords you the Loss Damage Waiver Supplemental Liability insurance at no additional charge. There is a similar nationwide rental contract available through Enterprise, National, and Hertz for when you are traveling out of state.

A “Loss Damage Waiver” is a modification to the rental agreement stating that the renter is not responsible for the cost of repairs or the associated administrative or loss of use charges resulting from damage that occurs to the vehicle during the rental period. APEI sees many rental car damage claims each year. Often times the renter doesn’t recall causing damage during the rental period, but these claims can be difficult to dispute, and, generally, APEI ends up paying for the claim and the member pays their deductible.  By taking advantage of this state rental contract, members can avoid being responsible for paying a deductible for these claims, and avoid having the claim on your loss record.

Signing up to take advantage of this vehicle rental contract is simple. All you have to do is set up an account with Budget Rent a Car and give them the State of Alaska’s contract number of 170007303. You can set up an account by calling Budget Rent a Car’s accounting department or by emailing them at  crrapar@kendall.com.

Please remember to always promptly report any claims, including car rental damage claims, to APEI. Prompt reporting is essential in the situation where a liability claim is subsequently filed against the member.  Even for minor property-damage only claims, we can often assist you in the settlement and negotiate a reduction of charges for rental car claims. The sooner you report, the sooner we can help!