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Student and Volunteer Accident Insurance

APEI’s Student and Volunteer Medical Payments Coverage provides coverage for medical expenses for injuries received while acting as a volunteer for an APEI member or a student participating in a school-sponsored activity. This coverage is secondary to any health insurance or other medical coverage available to the injured person.

The Student Incident Form is intended for use by the school district. This form allows the district to provide information about the student’s accident or incident. You can find the Student Incident Form by clicking here.

APEI has developed a handout for school districts and parents that explains the student accident coverage, the claims process, and what documentation is needed in order to process the claim. You can find the Student Accident Information Handout by clicking here. This handout should be given to parents when medical care is incurred for a student incident.

The Student and Volunteer Medical Payments Claim Form needs to be completed by the injured person, or parents of the injured student. This form provides details about the student along with information about their primary insurance carrier. The Student and Volunteer Medical Payments Claim Form can be access by clicking here.

For more information on the student and volunteer medical payments coverage, contact Kyle Hardin at or at 907-523-9485.

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