Protect Your Organization When Renting Facilities to Third Parties

APEI members frequently allow unaffiliated groups to use of their municipal or school district facilities for events or gatherings.  These events include things like seminars, receptions, sporting events, or concerts. To protect both the facility user and the facility owner from claims made by guests who may be injured attending these events, APEI has made a short-time liability policy available to members that will hold the APEI members harmless in this situation.  This coverage is now available to our members through the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) from OneBeacon.

The TULIP program provides for $1 million of short term liability coverage for events.  It is purchased by a facility lessee on a per-day basis to cover an event and includes optional liquor liability coverage.  The program starts at a cost of $75 for a one-day low-hazard event and is specifically designed to be made available to the public for use at events held at public facilities.

APEI strongly encourages its members to have third party groups sign rental agreements (even if there is no charge for using the facility) that lay out the terms of the usage agreement.   For larger events that are open to the public or events involving alcohol, the third party should be required to provide evidence of insurance.  If the facility user does not already have an insurance policy covering the event, APEI members may offer the TULIP program for this purpose.

APEI staff and your broker are available to help answer questions from members about liability requirements for lessees and insurance requirements for facility rental.