How Effectively is Your Organization Using APEI Membership Benefits?

As a member of Alaska Public Entity Insurance, your organization has access to a wide range of benefits that can make your workplace safer and help save money. How many of these benefits is your organization using?

  • Safety Grants: APEI members may receive safety grants to use for the purchase of safety equipment and training. Examples can include emergency and first aid supplies, high visibility or safety clothing, training resources, and equipment to improve building safety. Grant amounts vary by member size.
  • One-on-one Consultations: APEI has staff available to provide consultation on safety and human resources related topics by phone or email. Staff also are available to visit sites to work directly with members regarding their loss control concerns.
  • Training Credits: If your employees are doing safety related training, be sure to document the training and attendees and send them to our loss control manager so your organization can earn credits to reduce your next-year premium. Whether the training is performed by the member, APEI staff, or by a third party, it may count towards credits and can save your organization money.
  • Online Training Resources: APEI has a variety of on-line training resources available for our members. For schools we have the SafeSchools online training program. For municipalities and related entities, we have Target Solutions. Both programs offer training in a large variety of topics related to safety and human resources and are appropriate for a wide-range of personnel. The training is free and can count toward credit to reduce your premiums.
  • Loss Control Manual: APEI’s Loss Control Manual is provided to members annually and is filled with tools and information to promote safety within your organization and help members save money. A copy of the Loss Control Manual can be downloaded by logging into our website at

For more information about our loss control resources and money saving opportunities, contact our Loss Control Manager, Cole Cummins at or (907)523-9470.