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Timely notice to APEI of any possible claim is critical to efficient claims management and resolution.

Claim Forms

General Liability Incident Report:  Online Form  or  Download

Property Loss Form:  Online Form  or  Download

Student and Medical Payments Claim Form:  Download

Vehicle Incident Form:  Download

Workers’ Compensation
Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury or Illness:  Download

Workers’ Compensation
Employee’s Report of Occupational Injury or Illness:  Download

Workers’ Compensation Medical Information Release:  Download

Important Reminders:

Prompt reporting protects your insurance rights and ensures that you, your employee, or your claimant are paid in a timely manner.

Failure to provide timely notification can impact your coverage. Check your policy and its endorsements for further information.

For assistance in filing a claim, call APEI toll-free at 877-586-2734. Your broker is also a good source of information about what to do when you have a claim.

Claims Contacts

Workers Compensation Claims Contact

Liability, Auto and Property Claims Contact

Immediately report to APEI:

●  An incident causing injury to an employee, the public or a student that requires medical treatment is performed at an off-site medical facility or when or when emergency medical personnel are called

●  An automobile loss causing injury or property damage

●  An event or accident resulting in damage to the member’s property

●  Receipt of notice of a potential claim, either directly or from a potential claimant’s attorney or other legal representative

●  Any significant incident that could result in a claim or litigation in the future, such as the termination of an employee who is unhappy about it, or an accident that resulted in a fatality, even if it does not appear that the member could be held responsible for the accident

●  An incident of student suicide or attempted suicide