Attorney Fee Reimbursement

Did you know … APEI will reimburse members for some legal expenses related to consultations regarding employee terminations and reports of potential child abuse.

In order to assist our members in addressing these issues legally and appropriately, APEI provides reimbursement for legal advice to help them make informed decisions about action to be taken.

APEI will reimburse a member for up to one hour of consultation with the attorney of their choice for advice in handling two specific situations:

  • Pre-termination advice, for when an APEI member is considering terminating an employee. An attorney can help you verify that you have appropriately documented any deficiencies in the employee’s performance and communicated those to the employee before starting the termination process.  Following the proper steps when a termination is necessary can help avoid a situation where an employee feels that he or she has been treated in an unfair or discriminatory manner.  Attorney consultation is also a requirement to receive coverage for termination-related lawsuits under APEI’s liability policy.
  • Advice on the steps to be followed if a member receives a report that a student or other child in their care has been abused by someone associated with the entity. When such a report is received, it is essential that any affected child be protected, and that the allegation be investigated.  An attorney can help you determine the next steps in responding to and investigating such a report, while balancing the need for confidentiality while appropriately responding to the concerns of community members.

More information about this legal expense reimbursement program can be found in our loss control manual or on our website at  If you have questions about the program, contact Kyle Hardin, APEI’s Property/Casualty Claims Manager, at, or Cole Cummins, Loss Control Manager, at .