APEI Has a New Deputy Director

As of January 1, Carleen Mitchell is APEI’s new Deputy Director.

Carleen has been with APEI as our Administrative Manager for almost three years, during which time she has been assuming more and more responsibility for a wide variety of functions within the company.

Carleen is probably best known to our members as our Human Resources specialist, and has been available for consultations and training on a variety of human resources’ topics.  Many members have participated in her training classes, either on site at their offices, at conferences such as ALASBO or AGFOA, or via webinar.  She has also had primary responsibility for the company’s day-to-day financial management.

In her new role as Deputy Director, Carleen will continue to be responsible for our finances, and will continue to provide training and consultation to our members on HR issues.  Over the next few months, Carleen will also be taking on a larger role in our interactions with members, brokers, and consultants and members can expect to see her become APEI’s contact on a wider variety of issues.

Congratulations to Carleen on her promotion!