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Timely notice to APEI of any possible claim is critical to efficient claims management and resolution.

 Immediately report to APEI:

  • An incident causing injury to the public or a student where medical treatment is performed at an off-site medical facility, such as a clinic, doctor’s office or hospital, or when emergency medical personnel are called;
  • An incident of student suicide or attempted suicide;
  • Receipt of notice of a potential claim, either directly or from a potential claimant’s attorney or other legal representative;
  • An automobile loss causing injury or property damage;
  • Any significant incident that could result in a claim or litigation in the future, such as the termination of an employee who is unhappy about it, or an accident that resulted in a fatality, even if it does not appear that the member could be held responsible for the accident.

Reporting a Loss: First Steps

Reporting a Loss: First Steps

Download the relevant claims forms documents in the right-hand column above for the type of loss you are reporting:

Please send workers' compensation claims and questions to Jessica Garret

Jessica Garrett 
Workers' Compensation Claims Manager, 

Please send all other claims to Leasa Davis

Leasa Davis 
Property/Casualty Claims Manager, 

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